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Let’s Jump In

on February 13, 2013

I “started” this blog months ago, and have not published a word.  That’s not to say that I haven’t thought about writing something. Between the time I came up with a name and actually came to WordPress and now, I must have cooked or baked hundreds of meals and treats, done dozens of crafts, made loads of gifts, crocheted more than a few hats and told numerous stories of the “out of the mouths of babes” variety. Most days didn’t pass without some sort of fleeting thought about writing about what we did, what was made, what was said. The biggest thing holding me back were those ever present (and annoying) thoughts in the back of my mind of, “What if no one reads what I wrote? Do I really have anything to say that is worth reading?”

Me and my boys, atop Currituck Beach Lighthouse, NC (the husband is a little afraid of heights)

Me and my boys, atop Currituck Beach Lighthouse, NC (the husband is a little afraid of heights)

So, what has changed, you ask? Well, I have, for one. I have been making big changes to move toward a happier life. I have come to realize that no matter what I do for my children, what I make for them, how I treat them, if I don’t give them an example of a healthy and happy life, then I will not have done the best job that I can for them. The biggest part of my goals for a healthier and happier life is really about taking the time that I need. I have always been so worried about what everyone else needs that it became all too easy to say, “Forget about the gym, there is just too much to do.” No matter how much you love your children, if you don’t love yourself enough for them to see that and take notice, you are doing them a disservice.

The husband and I (out without children, no less)

The husband and I (out without children, no less)

Another reason that I have finally started to jot a few things down, here and there, is that I follow quite a few (mostly ladies) who blog, and while I love what all of them do and write about, most are very specific to topic. I follow ladies who cook, some who bake, people on weight loss journeys, mommies who are trying to navigate through parenthood and some pretty crafty dames. As my name says, I tend to “do it all”. I love to cook for my family and friends, baking is one of the ways that I show love, I usually have some sort of craft project with or for the kids in the works, as well as a crocheting piece or six, my children are the joys of my life or the bane of my existence, depending on when you catch me, and now, I will be adjusting most parts of my life to accommodate the goals that I have set to get healthy.  You may come for a recipe or craft, but you’ll find yourself enamored with my boys and just may stay for a story or two (they are quite adept at drawing you in).

H, the happy elf

H, the happy elf

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that I have decided to just jump in is that, despite my nagging feeling of no one ever reading any of this, perhaps one day, someone who needs an idea or a laugh or maybe some inspiration,creative or otherwise, will stumble upon my little corner of the internet and will get exactly what they were looking for. If I can reach even one person and make them smile or brighten their day, then I’ve reached one more than I would have if I never tried. Trust me, I will never claim to have all of the answers, always do things right, or even know where I’m going from minute to minute, but I do know that everyone: every mom, friend, sibling, daughter, wife, crafter, cook or “Cupcake Wars” contestant wannabe wants to master every endeavor they try their hand at. Trust me, very few of us will ever “get it right” and that’s totally fine. The only times you’ll ever completely fail are the times that you don’t ever try


L, who never got the memo that he was supposed to be the quiet one

So, here it is, an incredibly boring first blog. I promise that I’ll spend the next few days posting about more interesting topics, crafts, meals and the like, so you can get to know me and what our life is about. As for now, I have to go make some clever Valentines for a class of kindergarteners who probably won’t be able to read or “get” the pun that is intended, but I’ll have pictures so my son may laugh about it… some day.


H’s first ever Valentine box, which I don’t think he’s old enough for, but his birth certificate disagrees


3 responses to “Let’s Jump In

  1. Hi Amy! So glad you’ve jumped right on in. What took you so long? Just kidding. I know you mentioned some things you’ve been working through. I hope you enjoy your space here as you are learning to take care of you and enjoying the MANY things you are awesome at. Thanks for such a precious reminder that I think all moms need at certain times. We need to learn to give from an overflow instead of our reserves. In order to have an overflow, we have to already be full. I am working on taking time for myself too. I don’t do it enough. I should have won the award for world’s frumpiest mom in 2012. Lol. Crying shame. So, here’s to our journey. May your cup run over!!

  2. Traci says:

    Here’s another person reading what you wrote 🙂 At the end of the day, just make the blog something you enjoy doing, and the stats will take care of themselves.

  3. Marthafied says:

    Welcome to blogging!! We all start out feeling a bit unsure and “what if no one reads my blog” type of feelings… but when you start regularly postin, you’ll find thee are lots of very nice people out there who are genuinly interested in your journey!! I look forward to reading more- and have subscribed to your blog! (LOVE the Halloween Kleenex monster…lol!!)

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